How to tie a Halfback PMD with a Bead

The Pale Morning Dun Hatch is among the best of mayflies that hatch throughout the year. This big, clumsy, yellow mayfly is easily imitated at all stages.  This particular PMD pattern is tied to imitate an emerger that has been washed under.  I like to use a bead in the middle of this little nymph pattern, but dubbing works very well and helps keep this fly out of the rocks and moss.  The Halfback PMD Nymph can be sized to match the hatch and it is still a big enough bite that trout will not let it pass by.


Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

I like to use a strong nymph hook when I tie this pattern because I know it will get strike after strike.  The hook I prefer for this PMD nymph is a Tiemco 3761 size #16

This particular nymph pattern i included a bead in the body.  I suggest copper beads however gold and silver will work just fine.
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This fly is tied with yellow thread.  I like to use UTC size #70.

The rib of this bead body nymph is tied with X-Small Red Copper Wire. Tying flies with a copper rib will increase the durability of your flies.

The body of this Halfback PMD Nymph is tied with Pheasant Tail.
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I use a small amount of dubbing next to the bead in the thorax of this fly. I have used only dubbing for the thorax and find it to work just the same.
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Finally, the wing case of this fly is tied with synthetic fly tying fibers, specifically EP Fibers.  I have also used pheasant tail, elk hair, flash materials and many other materials for the wing case and caught trout just the same.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Halfback PMD Nymph

Start a hook with a small bead

Use strong thread
Add a clump of Pheasant Tail, for the tail
Add a stretch of Copper Wire for the rib
Wrap the Pheasant forward to a point in the middle of the hook, then counter wrap the copper over the top of the pheasant to the same point.
Now add a clump of synthetic fibers for the wing case
Tie in a little bit of yellow dubbing
Finally, pull the wing case forward to the eye and finish the fly with a whip finish.

Halfback PMD Nymph

The PMD Hatch on the Colorado River and Roaring Fork River is one of the best mayfly hatches all year and tends to last for over a month.  This hatch can be fished best from a drift boat with both nymphs and dries.  If you would like to go fishing in the Colorado Rockies this summer and catch big trout on PMD Patterns, go to

"How to tie a
Halfback PMD Nymph
with a Bead"

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