How to tie a San Juan Worm - With a Bead

The San Juan Worm is one of the greatest flies to catch trout with. A worm fly can be tied with many colors, weights and sizes. This unique pattern uses a bead to keep the fly in the strike zone, near the bottom.  The advantage to tying a San Juan Worm from one end of the chenille, over tying in the middle, is that the chenille lasts much longer without breaking down. Trout bite this pattern!

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

You can expect to catch fish when you use worm flies to tie with a strong hook. I prefer to use a Tiemco 3761, size 10.
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 This unique San Juan Worm pattern calls for a medium or large gold or copper bead.  I also tie this fly with much lighter beads when conditions require.

San Juan Worms come in many colors and sizes. You may find that the fish in your river like one color chenille over another.  I prefer red, natural and cinnamon colored worm flies.
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Step By Step: How to tie a San Juan Worm with a Bead


Place a bead on a hook,
(I like copper)

Thread the chenille through the bead
(be sure not to block the eye of the hook)

Apply super glue to the front of the bead around the hook (soak it just enough to fill the bead, a little goes a long way)

And the back of the bead around the hook

Lightly singe the tail end of the worm with a lighter

Now go catch big trout!

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"How to tie a 
San Juan Worm
With a Bead"

by Capt. Matt Thomas

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