How to tie an Adult Midge Nymph

Midge Patterns like this Adult Midge Nymph are the best flies to use during a Colorado Winter.  This little bug exists everywhere and trout have to eat them to survive in the icy cold water. This particular midge pattern is tied to imitate a midge that has been washed under.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

This Adult Midge Pattern is tied with a size #20 Tiemco 3761. I have used many different hooks for this fly and all of them work.

The body of this fly is strengthened with a tinsel rib.  I suppose you can use any color that you like for the rib of this fly, however the wire you use must be x-small or fine.

The head of this fly is tied with a small amount of black dubbing. I have used a few other dark colors without giving up strikes.

 I happened to use this mylar braid product for the wing of the fly in this video.  I have used many other forms of flash for the with of this Adult Midge Nymph with great success.

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Step by Step Instructions: How to tie an Adult Midge Nymph

Start a small hook with black thread
Add a stretch of fine gold tinsel
Wrap the thread back to the top of the bend over the tinsel.  You may want to build up the body with one or two extra passes up and down the shank of the hook with the thread.
Now counter wrap the tinsel forward over the thread body
Tie in a wing with flash or some other white material
Finish the fly with a small amount of dubbing and a whip finish.

Adult Midge Nymph

Adult Midge Nymphs work very well on the Roaring Fork River in the Winter and early Spring months. If you would like to get out and do some incredible fly fishing, even in the Winter, go to

"How to tie an
Adult Midge Nymph"

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