How to tie a Gold Scud Nymph

The Gold Scud is a standard fly among fly fishermen who fish in places like the Big Horn River or lakes where freshwater shrimp create big fish.  This standard Scud Pattern is easy to tie and can be tied in many colors to match the shrimp you are seeing.


Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

This Gold Scud fly is tied on a size #14 scud hook.  This fly is generally tied on a curved shank hook to imitate the shape of a real fresh water shrimp.

I like to use thread that is similar to the color of the shrimp i am trying to imitate.  In this case, i tied this fly with orange thread.

This Scud Pattern is tied with natural dubbing made from dyed gold rabbit fur.  I have also used synthetic dubbing with great success.

The shell back of this scud fly is made by simply cutting a piece of plastic from a bag that I had laying around. Sometimes I use mylar flash material in place of a plastic bag.

Finally, I like to use copper wire for the rib of this fly.  I chose orange copper wire to match my Gold Scud Nymph.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Gold Scud Fly

Start with a strong Curved Shank Hook

Use strong thread

Add a stretch of copper wire for the rib

Tie in a strip of plastic bag for the shell back of the fly
Twist gold dubbing over the shank and up to the eye of the hook
Pull the plastic shell back forward and tie it off at the eye of the hook.

Now counter wrap the copper forward, tie it off and whip finish to complete the fly.

Gold Scud Nymph

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"How to tie a
Gold Scud Nymph"

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