How to tie a Perfect Snapper Jig

Capt. Matt quickly ties a Perfect Snapper Jig...

I can't think of many things more fun than using light tackle to catch snappers for dinner. At the end of my day of fly fishing, I like to hit up one or two of the little spots I've found for catching snappers. One keeper snapper for each of us is all it takes for a tasty meal.

This particular jig is not hard to tie and it proves to be durable enough to catch a dinner or two. I recommend white. Chartreuse can be productive, but not like white.

You'll notice I tie the body rabbit strip off a few times as I progress forward. I believe this makes my jigs last a bit longer, even when snapper fangs take their toll. Super glue on the exposed wraps also helps to lock this pattern down.

Jam on some Snappers!