How to tie a White Bait Saltwater Fly

Little white bait fish are all over the ocean.  Just about every game fish eats them. This Saltwater Pattern is tied to imitate a Little White Bait Fish.  I have experimented with this fly and tied it with weighted eyes, reflective eyes, and even floating eyes. No matter how you fish it, this White Bait Saltwater Fly draws strikes.

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Watch How To Tie This Fly:

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Materials List:

I like to tie my Saltwater Flies with the best hooks possible.  For this fly I chose to use a Gamakatsu SL12S size 1/0
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I use red thread for contrast with this Bait Fish Pattern.  I have used many different colors of thread and I still get bites.

The body of this fly is tied with synthetic fibers.  There are many brands on the market, I use the material that looks good at the time.

Super glue is a common tool on the desk of many fly tyers.  I use super glue frequently on my saltwater flies.

Finally, I used epoxy to build a small head on this White Bait Fly.  I find that after a little practice, I can use 60 sec. epoxy so that I don't have to wait for the 5 min. epoxy to set up.

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Step By Step:  How to tie a White Bait Saltwater Fly

Start a saltwater hook with strong thread.
Add a clump of synthetic fibers from about the midpoint of the shank of the hook.
Now add a shorter clump on both the top and the bottom of the fly.

Whip finish a couple times and trim the thread.
Now add stick-on eyes to both sides.
Use a bit of Super Glue to set the eyes and lock the fibers in place.  I like to pull the fiber back while the glue is setting to give the fly a swept back profile.
Now use a small amount of quick setting two part epoxy and build a small head on the fly.  Be sure to cover the eyes and thread.  Consider keeping the gap of the hook as open as possible.

White Bait Fly

Capt Matt guides in the Lower Keys for Migrating Tarpon.  This particular Saltwater Pattern is a favorite for baby tarpon and snook in the magroves.  If you wold like to fish for tarpon and in the Florida Keys, contact Capt Matt at

"How to tie a
White Bait Saltwater Fly"

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