How to tie a Bead Head Prince Nymph

The Prince Nymph is the most popular nymph I know, add a Bead Head to this fly and trout beware.  This best in class Bead Head Nymph Pattern can be tied in many sizes, but this fly works best in size #12, #14 and #16.  The best time to use the Bead Head Prince Nymph, is right when you get to the water.

Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

Very few fish can resist a Prince Nymph drifting buy. I suggest using a strong nymph hook like a Tiemco 3761.  This fly can be tied in many sizes, the most popular are #10, #12, #14, and #16.
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What would a Bead Head Prince Nymph be without a bead?! For this particular fly is chose to use a small copper bead.
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This particular pattern is weighted with lead wire.  This helps give the fly a "full" body look.
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This nymph pattern is going to take some abuse.  I suggest using strong thread that you can wrap tightly.
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The rib of this fly is tied with copper wire. I have use many colors for the rib of this pattern and found that they all work.

The body of this nymph pattern is tied with a couple strands of peacock hurl.

The tail of this Prince Nymph Pattern is tied with brown goose biots.

The wing of this fly is tied with white goose biots.

Finally, the hackle of this fly is tied with brown saddle hackle.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Bead Head Prince Nymph

Start a strong nymph hook with a bead, small lead wire and thread.
Add two brown goose biots, splayed out, for the tail of the fly.
Tie in a stretch of copper wire for the rib of the fly.
Now add a few strands of peacock hurl for the body.
Wrap the peacock forward to the bead.
Counter wrap the copper wire over the peacock and up to the bead.
Add a few turns of saddle hackle.
Now, mash the hackle on the top of the hook out to the sides to prepare a space for the biot wing of the fly.
Finally, add the biot wing, curved downward, and complete the fly with a few tight whip finishes.

Bead Head Prince Nymph

Bead Head Prince Nymphs work well in the Colorado Rockies, especially on the Roaring Fork River and Colorado River.  I use this fly throughout the season and consider it a standard for catching many trout.  If you would like to take a guided float trip on one of the rivers mentioned here, contact and get your catch on!

"How to tie a
Bead Head Prince Nymph"

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