How to tie a Black Death Tarpon Toad

The Black Death Tarpon Toad is one of my favorite Back Country Tarpon Flies, mostly because it is big, black and red, and tarpon eat it up. I have caught fish on this pattern in the channels, in the flats, and in the flow. Fly fishing for tarpon is one of the most exciting fishing experiences and having enough of the right fly is invaluable. A well tied Black Death Tarpon Toad is certainly one of the best tarpon flies to have in your collection.

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Watch how to tie this Tarpon Fly:

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Materials List:

I use Gamakatsu SL12S #1/0 for every giant tarpon fly I tie. This hook is very good at hooking and keeping an upper lip without bending out.

For this particular Tarpon Toad Pattern, I chose to use bead chain eyes. I usually use size medium or large when I choose to weight my toad flies.

The Black Death Pattern calls for a combination of red and black. I used red rabbit strips for the tail.

This fly also calls for a marabou collar. You may need all sorts of colors of marabou for the tarpon toads you can tie.

Finally, the head of this fly is tied with EP Fibers. There are many colors, so choose wisely...

Super Glue is a must for a saltwater fly tyer.  I typically use the super glue that is on sale.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Black Death Tarpon Toad

Start a hook

Add a rabbit strip for the tail
and tie it up so that it does not
wrap around the hook
(snarfle guard)

Tie in a marabou collar

Now add body segments

Tie in bead chain eyes and
whip finish the fly

Trim the body

Lock it down with glue and
complete the fly


Black Death Tarpon Toad

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"How to tie a
Black Death Tarpon Toad"
by Capt. Matt Thomas

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