How to tie a Green Caddis Larva

Caddis Flies at any life cycle are perhaps the most important food source in the rivers and lakes where they live. This Green Caddis Larva Nymph is one of my favorite Nymph Patterns to fish with. Here in Colorado, the Caddis Hatch is thick and lasts from Spring to Fall.  For Fly Fisherman, using Caddis Patterns is a sure way to catch trout.

Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

For this Caddis Nymph Pattern I prefer to use a Tiemco 3761 size #16 or #14.  I have used other hooks and sizes, this is what I seem to always come back to.

The body of this Caddis Pattern is tied with half round Vinyl Rib.  I like to use green and yellow to imitate what is in the river.

Finally, the head of this Caddis Larva fly is finished with black dubbing.  I have used hair's ear dubbing and a few other colors from time to time with great success.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Green Caddis Larva

Start with a strong hook

Use strong thread

Add vinyl rib from the front of the hook to the top of the bend. Tie the round side of the ribbing down to the shank.

Next, wrap the vinyl rib forward to a point near the eye of the hook.

Finish this caddis pattern with a small amount of back dubbing for the head and then whip finish to lock the fly.

Green Caddis Larva

Green Caddis Larva work on trout all year and can be especially effective in the Late Summer and Fall.  If you would like to hire a fishing guide in Colorado, it is tough to beat the fishing and the guides of the Roaring Fork River Valley.  Aspen Fly Fishing provides top guides for wade fishing and float fishing near Aspen, CO.  Go to for year round guides.

"How to tie a
Green Caddis Larva"


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