How to tie a Royal Wulff Dry Fly

The Royal Wulff Dry Fly is the greatest of the Attractor Dry Fly Patterns. This high floating dry fly is easy to see, not too difficult to tie with a little bit of practice, and trout eat the heck out of it. I like to use a Royal Wulff when I fish out of the boat on the Roaring Fork River near Aspen, CO.

Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

This Royal Wulff is tied on a size #10 Tiemco 3761 hook.  I use this dry fly in a range of sizes usually between size #16 and size #10.
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 I like use a strong thread that isn't too bulky for all of my dry flies.  This fly is tied with brown Ultra Thread.
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The body of a Royal Wulff is tied with a wrap of Red Floss.
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 The wings of this dry fly are tied by stacking Calf Body Fur.
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I used Moose Body Fur for the tail of this dry fly. I prefer using moose body for my tails because it is hollow and floats very well.
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 The body and collar of a Royal Wulff include Peacock Hurls.  Personally, I like tying with the brightest, fullest, highest quality peacock I can find.

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Finally, the hackle of this dry fly is tied with Brown Saddle Feathers.  I find that using a stout, full saddle hackle goes a long way to keeping my Royal Wulff floating high.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Royal Wulff Dry Fly

Start with a strong dry fly hook
Use strong thread
Tie in Calf Body Fur for the wings.  Use the thread and part the fur and separate the wings
Top view of the wings
Add moose body fur for the tail
Now add a peacock hurl segment, followed by a band of red floss.  be sure not to crowd the fly by adding too much.

Next add another small segment of peacock hurl
Finally, use two brown saddle hackles for the hackle of this dry fly. I use at least two wraps of hackle on either side of the wings. Royal Wulff


The Royal Wulff is one of the greatest dry fly patterns of all time.  This high floating, easily visible attractor pattern works best on fast moving rivers with pockets and rocks like the Roaring Fork River coming out of Aspen, CO.  If you would like to fish the Roaring Fork from top to bottom, contact the fishing guides at Aspen Fly Fishing,

"How to tie a
Royal Wulff"

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