How to tie an Egg Sucking Leech Fly

I am not quite sure if Egg Sucking Leeches actually occur in the wild, but I am positive that fish love to eat them. This killer Streamer Pattern works well on rivers like the Big Horn, the Missouri and the Colorado.  I like to fish with Egg Sucking Leeches in the Spring and Fall when the water is cold and the trout are active. I have tied this streamer fly with purple, black, olive and brown.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

Streamer Patterns thi good have to be tied on good strong streamer hooks.  For this fly I chose to use a straight eye, size #4 streamer hook.  Most long shank streamer hooks will work.
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I also used Lead Wire to add weight to my Egg Sucking Leech.
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I like to tie big flies like this one with strong thread so that I can secure my materials and use the fly for fish after fish.

The rib of this fly is tied with copper wire.
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Step By Step: How to tie an Egg Sucking Leech

Start a hook with lead wire.  Be sure to use a little less to make room for the egg later.
Use strong thread and wind it back to the top of the bend of the hook.
Add a clump of marabou for the tail.
Tie in a stretch of copper wire for the rib.
Now add a length of chenille for the body.
Next, tie in two dark hackles, tips first.
Wrap the chenille forward 2/3 of the way to the eye and tie it off.
Wrap the hackles over the chenille and tie them off at the same point.
Now counter wrap the copper wire over the hackle to the front of the hook.
Add a clump of egg material.
Trim the egg material to the shape of an egg.
Whip finish to complete the fly, it should look something like this.
Here is a top view.

Egg Sucking Leech

Capt Matt is a fly fishing guide in the Roaring Fork Valley out of Aspen, CO.  The streamer fishing in the Spring and Fall on the rivers here is out of this world. If you would like to take a guided float and watch all kinds of fish eat your streamers, set up a trip by going to

"How to tie an
Egg Sucking Leech"

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