How to tie a Cone Head Sculpin Fly

Sculpin Minnows are a common food source for trout in fast moving western rivers. This Cone Head Sculpin Streamer Fly is tied to imitate a small minnow that is being scared off the bank. The best thing about fly fishing with Sculpin Patterns is that more often then not, the big trout are the ones that eat it.

Watch How To Tie This Fly:

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Materials List:

When it comes to fishing with streamer patterns like a Sculpin, it is best to chose a strong hook. I find the more durable my streamers are, the more fish I can catch on each one.
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For this streamer pattern I chose a copper colored cone head.
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In addition to the weighted head of this fly I added Lead wire for extra weight.
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It is important to use very strong thread when tying streamers like this one.
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The belly of this Sculpin Pattern is tied with chenille.  I prefer using chenille with a bit of orange or an orange hue.
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The tail and body of this fly are tied with natural rabbit strips. I like to use generally natural or dark colored rabbit when I tie Sculpin Flies.
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Finally, the Head and Collar of this Cone Head Sculpin are tied with spun elk hair. I have used deer and they still bite it, go figure!
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Step By Step: How to tie a Cone Head Sculpin

Start a streamer hook with a cone, lead wire and strong thread.

 First, tie in  a strip of natural rabbit fur.  make sure that the front of the strip extends close to the eye of the hook.

Add chenille for the belly of the fly.

After pulling the rabbit strip forward over the chenille, spin a clump of elk hair at the collar of the fly, just behind the cone.

Trim the elk hair to shape the head of the fly. Be sure to leave some elk hair tips out the sides of the head of the fly to help imitate the large pectoral fins of a Sculpin.

A view of the underside of this

Cone Head Sculpin Fly

Fly fishing with sculpin minnow imitations is one of the many ways to catch big trout in Colorado. The best fishing in the state is around Aspen on the Roaring Fork, Frying Pan, and Colorado Rivers.  If you would like a guided fishing trip in the Aspen area, go to and book a top fishing guide.

How to tie a
Cone Head Sculpin

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