How to tie a Mysis Shrimp

How to tie a Mysis Shrimp fly tying page. This small translucent freshwater shrimp is very good at creating big trout. Usually these tasty little bites come from reservoirs where they have been introduced to feed the fish. All we care about is that Mysis Shrimp Flies work really well right below the dam. This Mysis shrimp pattern is the best pattern I have used over the years and the big fish still eat it.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

I use a strong hook when I fish with Mysis Shrimp Flies. You can expect this fly to get alot of bites. I tie my shrimp patterns on #18 or #20 hooks.

I use small white thread to tie this Mysis Shrimp Fly. Some live shrimp can be nearly transparent. It is worth considering that a lot of bulky fly tying thread may not look the way you want.

This particular Shrimp Fly uses a translucent flash material. I have also had success with other flash materials.

Finally, I used a translucent pearl flash dubbing. I have also had great success with naturals and other white dubbing materials.



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Step By Step: How to tie a Mysis Shrimp Fly

First, start a hook

Then, tie in a tail

Now, tie in material for the shell back

Add dubbing

Pull the shell back material forward

Trim and whip finish

Complete the fly by picking and
trimming the legs



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"How to tie a Mysis Shrimp"
by Capt. Matt Thomas 

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