How to tie a Lime Trude Dry Fly

The classic Lime Trude is one of my favorite Summer dry flies.  This Hi-Vis dry fly pattern is as easy to tie as it is to fish with.  I fish this fly during the Caddis Hatch, especially during the evening lightning round.  The Lime Trude is a time tested trout catcher.


Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

I expect the dry flies I am casting to get hammered by fish mouths. I suggest using a strong dry fly hook for this attractor pattern.
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This dry fly requires the use of strong thread to bind the wing and other materials to the hook.  Pick a strong thread that will not break easily as you tie with it.

For the hackle of this Lime Trude I like to use a stout brown saddle hackle. Using saddle hackles ensures a high floating, durable dry fly that can take bite after bite.
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The wing of this fly is tied with Calf Body Fur. This feature of the fly makes it easy to see and remains quite buoyant for the life of the fly.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Lime Trude Dry Fly

Clamp a strong dry fly hook into the vise.
Start with strong thread.
Tie in golden pheasant for the tail/.
Add a bead of lime colored dubbing and wrap it to a midpoint on the hook.
Next, stack a clump of calf body fur and build the wing of the fly.
Tie in two brown saddle hackles at the point of the wing.
Wrap the hackles up to the eye of the hook and complete the fly with a few whip finishes.

Lime Trude Dry Fly

The Caddis Fly Hatch in the Colorado Rockies is truly one of the greats. This little bug feeds every fish in the river.  Capt Matt specializes in guiding dry fly fishermen from the boat.  If you would like to cast little Lime Trudes and other dry flies at the bank. Contact

"How to tie a
Lime Trude Dry Fly"

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