How to tie a Chartreuse and Black Pike Fly

Esox Lucious, a Latin name that well describes one of my favorite toothy fish to catch. Big pike are incredible sport on fly, and because of the savage nature of this fish, pike flies have to be tied well. I like to use this Black and Chartreuse Pike Fly in stained or muddy water.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

Materials List:
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A good hook is very important when it comes to catching big pike with flies.  I prefer a hook with a large gap, but I have had success with regular streamer hooks and saltwater hooks as well.

This particular Pike Fly Pattern is tied with chartreuse grizzly hackle.  I like to use feathers from a whole rooster neck, but strung saddle hackles work also.

 The collar of this long pike fly is tied with black marabou.

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Step by Step: How to tie a Pike Fly

Start a strong hook with
a big gap.

Tie in the tail of the fly
(6-8 feathers)

Now tie in a clump of marabou
for the collar

Add another clump of marabou,
whip finish and complete the fly.

Chartreuse and Black Pike Fly

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"How to tie a
Chartreuse and Black Pike Fly"
by Capt. Matt Thomas

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