How to tie a Perfect Stonefly Nymph

Stonefly nymphs are perhaps the most exciting food in a trout's diet. This perfect Stonefly Pattern is just right for matching the hatch and tying them is almost as exciting as feeding them to the fish!  This weighted nymph is very easy to tie and can be made to imitate all of the stoneflies that crawl around the rocks where you live and fish.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

I use strong hooks with my stoneflies, you never know what might eat it! I usually tie this stonefly pattern with a #4, #6 or #8 Stonefly Hook

I also wrap my hooks with a little lead wire for added weight. I use sizes .020, .025, or .030.

The body of this fly is wrapped in Chenille. I prefer brown colors, but a little creativity and experimentation can catch a lot more fish.
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What good Stonefly Pattern is good without rubber legs?!  I in this fly tying video I used legs that had the most natural colors.
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This Stonefly is meant to imitate a Golden Stone. You can use any color, I like to use browns, blacks, and oranges for my Stoneflies.
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Finally, I use a bit of glue to seal the fly and make it last for many, many bites.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Stonefly Nymph

First, shape your hook like this...

Then, wrap it with lead wire

Tie on thread to the top of the bend

Now add tails

And chenille

Work forward and tie in three sets of legs

And finish this step by tying in the antenna

Now wrap the chenille forward to the eye

Trim and whip finish

(Preliminary side view)

Use a permanent marker to "perfect" the stonefly


Finish with a top coat of super glue

Enjoy your Perfect Stonefly Nymph!

 Stonefly nymphs are one of my favorite flies to use on the Colorado River all year long. To book a float using big stones on the Colorado River, contact Fly Fishing Guide Capt Matt or

"How to tie a Perfect Stonefly Nymph"
by Capt. Matt Thomas


j. ricci said...

Your stonefly nymph is a masterpiece. Unfortunately I am an italian oldman and your materials list is totally unfamiliar to me. Particularly:

-What is Spanflex that you used for legs, tail and antenna? (Assume it was the same material for all of them). Please expound, because it'll not be available here and will have to find a replacement. Also state the exact Spanflex colour, please.

-What is the reason to superglue the upside of the nymph? Does superglue solidify and become translucent?

Thanks in advance.


j.ricci said...

It's still me. Have located Spanflex and Super Glue on the Internet and know where to buy them.
Unfortunately Spanflex comes in 4 sizes: large, medium, small, and xtra-small widths. Thus I would be very grateful if you told me which one (or ones) you used in the video and the colours I should keep at hand.


johnny willis said...

what is the website called i cant find it anywhere

johnny willis said...

what is the web site you found please anwser i really need it