How to tie a Green Drake Nymph

Green Drake Mayflies are often the largest of the mayfly species living in the Western United States. This large Mayfly hatches during months June, July and August in the Colorado Rockies.  During the Hatch, Green Drake Nymphs are most active and trout key in on them.  This Bead Head Nymph pattern is easy to tie, and you may want to tie quite a few, I use two at a time!

 Watch how to tie this fly:

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 Materials List:

Green Drake Nymphs are very exciting to fish with because the fish bite hard.  I suggest using a strong hook like a Tiemco 3761.

This Green Drake Fly is tied with a small black bead.  I suggest using a Small sized bead that compliments the pattern without being too big

I would use strong thread for this particular nymph pattern.

Green Drake Mayflies are typcically very dark if not black. I use Black Copper Wire for this fly. I suggest using Black Ultra Wire size BR.

The tail of this fly is tied with dyed Black Pheasant Tail.

The collar of this bead head pattern is tied with a few wraps of Peacock Hurl.

Finally, the hackle of this Green Drake Nymph is tied with an Olive Grizzly Saddle Hackle.  I like to use a stout hackle that acts as a weed guard.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Green Drake Nymph

Start with a strong hook and a small black bead
Use strong black thread
Tie in a clump of Dyed Black Pheasant Tail, for the tail.
Add a stretch of Black Copper Wire and wrap it forward to the middle of the hook.
Tie in a couple of Peacock Hurls for the collar of the fly.

Finish the this fly with a couple turns of Olive Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Green Drake Nymph

The Green Drake Hatch is a major event on the Roaring Fork River and the Frying Pan River near Aspen, CO.  These mayflies draw the attention of the fish and the fly fishermen. If you wol like to book a great fishing vacation during the Green Drake Hatch in Colorado, go to

"How to tie a
Green Drake Nymph"

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