How to tie a Black and Purple Tarpon Toad

Very few Tarpon Flies work as well as a Black and Purple Tarpon Toad. This tarpon pattern uses bead chain eyes to add a little weight. I like to use a strong 1/0 big game hook and 80 lb bite when I fish a Black and Slurple Tarpon Toad, because I expect to get a big fish to bite it.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

I use the best tarpon hook I can for all of my Tarpon Toad Flies. The one I like is Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0

I use strong, dark colored thread for this particular tarpon fly, but any strong thread will do.

The tail of this saltwater pattern is tied with purple rabbit strips.

The collar of this fly is tied with black marabou. i have also experimented with black rabbit and find it works pretty well too.

The wide head of this Tarpon Toad is tied with Black EP-Fibers.  However, I am finding more and more synthetic tying fibers that bring my tarpon flies to life.

Finally, this tarpon fly is tipped with a set of large bead chain eyes.  The beauty of tying a Balck and Purple Tarpon Toad is that you can weight it any way you like.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Black and Purple Tarpon Toad

Start a hook

Tie in a strip of purple rabbit
for the tail

Wrap the tail with thread
to keep the fly from
getting caught on itself
(Snarfle Guard)

Tie in a marabou collar

Tie in a few body segments

Tie in bead chain eyes

Trim the body of the fly

Glue and complete your

Black and Purple Tarpon Toad

Capt Matt guides fly fishermen for giant tarpon in the Florida Keys.  Tarpon Toads work very well for delivering hooks into tarpon's mouths.  If you want to cast your Black and Slurple Tarpon Toads at giant swimming fish, go to

"How to tie a
Black and Purple Tarpon Toad"

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