How to tie a Black and Purple Tarpon Fly

This Black and Purple Tarpon Fly is perfect for situations where the fly needs to stay near the surface or suspend as the tarpon approach.  Tarpon Flies like this have been used for decades and continue to catch big fish, cast after cast. Black and Purple Tarpon Flies work best on the migrating tarpon of the Florida Keys Back Country.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

Because of the nature of tarpon, tarpon flies need to be sharp and strong.  I prefer a Gamakatsu SL12S size 1/0 for all of my tarpon flies.
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I used red thread for this particular tarpon pattern. I have not found that one color works better than another, this fly can be tied with any strong thread.
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The tail of this black and purple tarpon fly is tied with strung purple chicken feathers.  You can use any purple chicken feathers you like for this pattern.
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Finally, the collar of this tarpon fly is tied with black marabou.  I use both marabou blood quills and regular marabou without a challenge.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Black and Purple Tarpon Fly

Start a hook

Add a tail of purple feathers
Tie them up to keep them from
wrapping around the hook
(Snarfle Guard)

Tie in a black marabou collar

Trim, whip finish and complete your

Black and Purple Tarpon Fly


 Capt Matt Guides in the Florida Keys, Near Keys West during the Spring Tarpon Migration.  This is an exciting time with plenty of opportunity for an angler casting Black and Purple Tarpon Flies.  If you have always wanted to catch giant tarpon on flies, contact Capt Matt at

"How to tie a
Black and Purple Tarpon Fly"

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