How to tie a Marabou Cockroach Tarpon Fly

The Cockroach Tarpon Fly is a classic and has caught many tarpon over time. This new pattern takes the original fly, and changes it with a simple marabou collar.  This simple materials change makes this Tarpon Cockroach very fishy and quite easy to tie.

Watch how to tie this fly:
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Materials List:

I use a Gamakatsu SL12S size 1/0 for all of my tarpon flies.  This hook is strong and sticky.
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This pattern calls for grizzly hackle. Though any feathers will do, I chose to use a bulk pack of strung hackles.
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I use Marabou for the collar of this fly. I suggest using light or dark brown, but any color may work if you experiment with it.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Marabou Cockroach Tarpon Fly

Start a hook

Add a grizzly hackle tail

Tie in a brown clump of marabou for the collar, whip finish and complete the fly

Marabou Cockroach Tarpon Fly


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"How to tie a
Marabou Cockroach Tarpon Fly"
by Capt. Matt Thomas

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