How to tie a Big Red Shark Fly

Catching sharks is some of the most exciting big fish fun an angler can have. Catching sharks with flies is a true challenge of accuracy, anticipation and a little luck. This Big Red Shark Fly is tied to imitate a tasty morsel of flesh and blood. It can be tied bigger or smaller and with different colors if needed. I find that red, white and yellow seem to work best for the sharks in the Florida Keys.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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 Materials List:

 Most sharks are big sharks, if you want to have the best success you will pick shark hooks that are strong with a big gap. I have also used circle hooks and had great success.

This Big Red Shark Fly uses red hackles for the tail.  I like to splay them out "Keys Style" so that I can control how fast my fly is sinking to meet the fish.

This Particular Shark Fly Pattern also uses a bit of silver flash.

Finally, the collar of this fly is made with red marabou.

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Step by step: How to tie a Big Red Shark Fly

Start a big strong hook

Tie in a tail with red feathers
(6-8 feathers)

(Top view of tail)

Add a bit of Flashabou

"Lock" the middle of the fly with glue

Tie in a clump of marabou
for the collar of the fly

Whip Finish, glue and complete the fly

Big Red Shark Fly

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"How to tie a
Big Red Shark Fly"
by Capt. Matt Thomas

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