How to tie an Olive Wooly Bugger

The Wooly Bugger is perhaps the most popular streamer pattern. Wooly Bugger Flies are a great imitations of nervous bait fish and swimming nymphs. This particular Olive Wooly Bugger Fly is tied with lead wire to make it sink faster.  Personally, my favorite fish to cast a Wooly Bugger at is carp.

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 Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

For all of my Wooly Buggers I make sure to use strong hooks.  For this particular fly I chose to use a straight eye, size #2 streamer hook.  Wooly Buggers are most often tied in sizes #8, #6, #4, #2.
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In this fly tying video demonstration, I used Lead Wire to weight the fly.  I have tied Wooly Buggers with and without weight, and the trout still bite.

Using strong thread for all of your streamer patterns is very important.  This streamer is going to take quite a bit of abuse.  I suggest Danville's Waxed FlyMaster Plus.

I used Copper wire for the rib of this fly. Using a copper rib is essential for the durability of this fly.

For the tail of this Wooly Bugger I chose to use Barred Olive Marabou.  This fly can also be tied with simple Olive Marabou or any other color the grabs you for that matter.

The body of this popular streamer is tied with an olive pattern chenille.  This is another part of this fly where you can use many different colors.

The hackle of this Olive Wooly Bugger is tied with Olive Chicken Feathers.  I like to use strung feathers and schlappen for my streamer hackles.
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 Step By Step: How to tie an Olive Wooly Bugger

Start with a strong hook
Use Lead Wire to add weight to the fly
Begin tying with strong thread  and wrap it back to the top of the bend of the hook
Add a nice clump of marabou for the tail
Tie in a stretch of Copper wire for the rib of the fly
Now tie in a length of chenille
Add two Olive Streamer hackles. Line them up together and then tie them in tips first
Wrap the Chenille Forward
Wrap the Hackles forward
Now counter wrap the Copper Wire up to the eye.  Take some time and pick out the hackle that is trapped under the wire and there you have it!

Olive Wooly Bugger

Streamer fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch a fish. Olive Wooly Buggers work on bass, carp, all trout and many more species.  If you would like to fly fish in Colorado with streamers, contact Capt Matt Thomas

"How to tie an
Olive Wooly Bugger"

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