How to tie an Autumn Splendor Streamer Fly

This deadly cone head streamer is perfect for fishing the rivers in Colorado and Montana.  It could be the yellow/brown combo or the wiggly legs, but whatever it is, trout love to eat it.  This fly is tied  with weight and works best when fished near the bottom.  Autumn Splendors can be used to imitate bait fish, crawdads, and probably a few different kinds of insects.

Watch how to tie this fly:

Materials List:

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I use a very strong streamer hook when I tie an Autumn Splendor.  Though for this fly I chose to use a straight eye hook, I believe most streamer hooks, size #2, #4, or #6 will work just fine.

I use lead wire to help weight this fly.  I suggest using size .020, .025, or .030 lead wire

Streamers like this Autumn Splendor, require strong thread that can 
 be wrapped tightly without breaking.  I prefer Waxed FlyMaster Plus.

This streamer pattern uses three sets of rubber legs.  
I used the product in the picture, but any rubber legs will do.

The tail of this fly is tied with brown and yellow marabou, both are pictured here.

The Hackle of this fly is tied with brown and yellow saddle hackles. I like to use Schlappen, or webby hackles for this streamer.

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 Step By Step Instructions: How to tie an Autumn Splendor

Start a strong hook with a cone
Wrap lead on the hook, snug it up to the cone
Use strong thread
Add a tail of marabou.  A clump of brown marabou, a clump of yellow marabou and another clump of brown marabou.
Tie in copper wire for the rib of the fly
Tie in a stretch of chenille for the body of the fly
Tie in two hackle feathers, tips first
Now add rubber legs and space them as you work forward
Here is a view from the top
Then, carefully wrap the chenille forward, weaving through the rubber legs.  You can use the chenille to change the position of the legs and set them just right.
Wrap the hackles over the chenille and through the legs
Finally, counter wrap the copper wire forward and tie off the fly with a few whip finishes.
Here is a top view

Here is a bottom view

Autumn Splendor Streamer Fly

The Autumn Splendor Streamer fly is a very good fly to use in the Fall and Spring for trout.  If you would like to experience some of the greatest trout fishing in the country, consider fly fishing in the Roaring Fork River Valley.  The Roaring Fork River and Colorado River are packed with fish and eager to eat streamer flies.  Go to for information and year round guiding on Colorado's greatest rivers.

"How to tie an
Autumn Splendor"

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