How to tie a Hair's Ear Nymph

This perfect little nymph is the imitation of every mayfly that ever lived. This fly can be tied big or small and colored to match the hatch. No trout in his right mind can let this tasty bite pass by!


Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

 I suggest using a strong hook for tying a Hair's Ear Nymph. I prefer the Tiemco 3761 for all my nymph flies.

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 Any dark thread will work for tying this nymph pattern. I suggest using a medium strength thread, like brown 3/0 or 6/0.

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 I like to use copper wire for ribbing on all of my nymphs. You can use any color rib for the Hair's Ear, I usually go with red, copper or gold. I also suggest using small or extra small wire.

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 I use Pheasant Tail for the tail and wing case of this Hair's Ear Nymph Pattern.

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The dubbing used for this fly is primarily made from a hair's mask and is thickened with a blend of died brown body hair. Hair's ear dubbing can be colored to match the hatch.

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Step By Step: How to tie a Hair's Ear Nymph

 Start a hook with dark thread
 Tie in a clump of pheasant for the tail, leave pheasant uncut
 Add copper wire for the rib
 Work a small amount of dubbing to the middle of the hook, for the abdomen of the fly
 Counter wrap the copper forward
 Now tie the uncut pheasant back for the wing case

 Build the thorax of the fly with a little bit of dubbing

 Pull the wing case forward and tie it off with a few whip finishes

Now go set the hook like crazy!

The rivers in Colorado are loaded with bugs that look like the Hair's Ear Nymph. Trout can't help themselves when they get the chance to eat this fly.  If you are interested in catching all kinds of fish with Hair's Ears, consider fly fishing around Aspen, CO.  Go to for info and top fishing guides to take you there.

"How to tie a
Hair's Ear Nymph"

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