How to tie a #20 Adams Dry Fly

The Adam's Dry Fly is a great imitation of almost every adult mayfly. This well known pattern is a must for serious anglers in every mayfly hatch. My father always told me, "No brown trout in the world can resist a Size 20 Adam's..."

Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

If it is true that no brown trout can resist a #20 Adam's, then you better get a strong #20 hook.

I use some shade of gray when I tie this dry fly pattern. I have experimented with different colored threads, like yellow and olive, and they still eat it.

 The Adam's Dry Fly uses brown hackle in the tail and the hackle of the fly. I like to use saddle hackle because the feathers are dense and stout.

This little dry fly also uses grizzly hackle, combined with brown in the tail and hackle of the fly. Saddle hackle is still preferred here.
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Finally, the last material is gray dubbing.  I use a tiny amount with each #20 Adam's Dry Fly.
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Step By Step Instructions:  #20 Adam's Dry Fly

 Use a #20 hook
 Start with small gray fly tying thread
 Square up two Grizzly Hen Neck Feathers

Tie in the wings, tips forward
 Now stand the wings up with a few wraps of thread

Add a tail using brown and grizzly feathers
 Your fly should look about like this from above

 Add a fine bead of muskrat dubbing from the tail up to the wings

 Wrap both Grizzly and Brown #20 saddle hackles forward past the wings and complete the fly with a whip finish.

This #20 Adam's dry fly is very effective in the Spring and Fall on the Colorado River, Roaring Fork River and Frying Pan River.  For a Fly Fishing Guide in the Aspen, CO area any time of the year, go to

"How to tie a
 #20 Adams Dry Fly"

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