How To Tie A Black And White Mayfly Emerger

This Black and White Mayfly Emerger is tied to imitate a small mayfly that was washed under while hatching.  I use this fly on almost every rig in the Spring and Fall during the Blue Winged Olive and Callibaetis Hatches. This Emerger Fly is high contrast and the wing can be tied with flash material for even greater visibility.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:

Little Emerger Flies like this one tend to get a lot of bites. It is important to tie this fly with good hooks. I prefer using a Tiemco 3761 Size20.

I used a very small Black Bead on the head of this Black and White Emerger.  For this fly, I prefer an extra small size.

This emerger fly is tied with dark thread of any sort. I suggest experimenting with different colors of thread for visibility.

I used very small copper wire for the rib of this fly. This little extra effort makes a fly last for many trout bites.

I used a synthetic material for the the white wing on this particular pattern. However, I have used many different materials for the white wing of an emerger fly, including the white fluff at the base of a feather.
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The body and collar of this Black and White Emerger are tied with the same clump of dyed black pheasant tail.  I have also used black copper wire for the body.

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Step By Step:

First, start a hook with a bead and thread

Next, tie in pheasant for the tail

Now tie in copper wire for the rib

Wrap the pheasant forward in one direction

And the copper wire forward in the other direction

Tie in a clump of white material for the wing

Add a small amount of dubbing at the head of the fly

Finally, whip finish and complete your Black and White Mayfly Emerger!

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How to tie a
Black and White Mayfly Emerger
by Capt Matt Thomas

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