How to tie a Little White Mayfly Nymph

This Little White Mayfly Pattern is one of my favorite flies to fish with in the Spring and Fall when the Blue Winged Olive Mayflies hatch. Because these bugs are so numerous at the time, trout feed like crazy. This particular nymph pattern is tied with a hackle that acts as sort of a weed guard and helps keep the fly from collecting moss or snagging rocks.

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Watch how to tie this fly:

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Materials List:
This Mayfly Nymph Pattern is tied with a Tiemco 3761 #20.  A small, strong hook is preferred.

I also used an extra small silver bead for the head of this nymph pattern.
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 I am sure to use a light colored thread when I tie any light colored mayflies. This particular fly is tied with white thread.
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The body of this fly is tied with small white copper wire.  I have used other colors of copper to "match the hatch"
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 The tial is tied with light or gray hackle that is stripped and the ends are even.  I use whatever I have lying around in most cases.
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Finally, the hackle of this Little White Mayfly Nymph is tied with a sized light colored saddle hackle.  I use Whiting 100's for this particular featured.
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Step By Step: How to tie a Little White Mayfly Nymph

Place a small bead on a small hook

Start your thread

Tie in a tail

Tie in copper wire for the body

Wrap the Copper wire forward

Add a stout hackle

Spin the hackle, trim and whip finish to complete the fly!

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"How to tie a
Little White Mayfly Nymph"

by Capt. Matt Thomas

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