How to tie a Copper Mayfly Spinner

This Mayfly Spinner Imitation is one of my go to flies throughout the trout fishing season, especially during the PMD Hatch and the Callibaetis Hatch.  This slender nymph pattern uses a small bead and copper wire for the head and body of the fly.  I have tied this Mayfly Spinner Pattern in rust color, yellow. brown, and even red all with great success.

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Materials List:

This Rusty Mayfly Spinner is a great fly that catches many trout. It makes sense to tie with a good hook, like the Tiemco 3761   #16 or #14
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I also use a small copper colored bead on the head of this fly.  I have used gold and black to match the hatch with good success.
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The thread i used for this fly was light colored, but you can use just about any color that you like to entice the bite.
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 The tail of this fly is tied with Grey Hackles.  I have also used pheasant, brown hackles, and white hackles.  I'll bet the trout eat whatever you chose to tie with!
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 The body of this mayfly spinner is tied with copper wire. I have used many colors and all of them work.
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 Finally, this fly is finished with a small grey saddle hackle.  I have also used brown and white hackles on this Copper Mayfly Spinner.
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Step by Step: How to tie a Copper Mayfly Spinner

Start a hook with a small bead

Tie in a tail

Tie in copper wire and wrap in forward

Finally, add a stout hackle and whip finish to complete the fly

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"How to tie a 
Copper Spinner Mayfly"

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